The definition of a pathfinder, amongst many, is “one that discovers a way especially: one that explores untraversed regions to mark out a new route.”

The Pathfinder Podcast is about the journeys we take in business and in our life. 

It’s about the fact that the destination is not the be-all and end-all, it’s the paths we take along the way that is the real journey. It is this that defines us and makes us who we are today.

I am setting out to meet real people who have inspired me, both within the mortgage, property and finance industry and outside it, to hear their stories and learn from the paths they have taken. 

The successes and failures that have led them to become who they are today. 

We all have a story to tell, and perhaps their story will resonate with yours and make you realise that you are never alone. We are all pathfinders finding our way in the world.

This is the Pathfinder Podcast, may the path you take be the right one for you.

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Latest Episodes

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Pathfinders 4 - Esther Dijkstra: From a rural Dutch village to the City of London, lessons in management and creating your own path

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Pathfinders 3 : Richard Rowntree: Council estate to the top table and why social mobility is so important

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Pathfinders 2 - Sarah Tucker: How Grief Of The Voice Gave Birth To A Movement

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Pathfinders 1 - Ying Tan Entrepreneur On Starting A Business And Not Pushing Too Many Trolleys

Ying Tan is a self-made Entrepreneur who has worked hard to build and sell a successful business. After his father hitchhiked his way from Malaysia over to the UK i...

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